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Jul 21, 2015All Night Healing Ceremonyby fourwinds

All Night Healing Ceremony Weekend


September 11 – 13, 2015 – ceremony will be on Saturday night 9/12


Dec 10, 2014TeleConference with Sweet Medicine Nationby Editor FourWinds


Teleclass on December 13 at 11:30 am (2:30 EST) 


With Founder of Global Exchange and Fair Trade USA Dr. Kevin Danaher

Chickasaw/Choctaw Wisdom Keeper Sweet Medicine Nation




Author of the Cosmic Weather Report, Master Astrologer Mark Borax teams up with guest speakers for three panel discussions on the themes of the final Uranus/Pluto squares that usher us into the Age of Aquarius. Learn more about the astrology behind this series.

Gaining A Vision
DECEMBER 13  Saturday, 2:30 pm Eastern,  Over the telephone

Register –  Suggested Donation $10 – $20


Ushering In Aquaria


Between 2012 and 2015 a rare series of Uranus-Pluto squares sets the foundational tone for the Aquarian awakening of our time.  These squares are directly linked to the 1960s change in consciousness, because Uranus conjoined Pluto in 1966, setting the tone for that earlier revolution.

The most recent square in April, 2014 ushered in a time for us to claim our true power. The upcoming square on December 14/15 calls us to gain a vision of the new. And the final square next March has to do with reaching out to others and gaining community awareness.

To address these powerful themes we’ve invited guest speakers to join Mark Borax in panel discussions via TeleClass. Each will speak for twenty minutes, then team up for a question-and-answer panel.

Gaining A Vision – This Saturday 11:30 am (2:30pm EST)

Mark Borax will share his insights alongside Founder of Global Exchange, FairTrade USA Dr. Kevin Danaher and Indigenous Wisdom Keeper Sweet Medicine Nation.

Fourteen minutes after midnight, eastern U.S. time,  on Monday, Dec. 15, Uranus squares Pluto for the sixth, penultimate, square, which opens the gates of vision, setting the stage for  you to gain a  blueprint of the future.

 Visions are funny, because they don’t always come as lucid pictures in living color. Some arrive quietly like seeds burrowing into the wintry earth. Some come as a feeling or sensing into the new. Or  as an inkling, impulse, idea. Or in the form of a  person who shows up unexpectedly on your doorstep. Or a message in a song. Or  it may arrive full-blown and shake you to the core. Here at the  tail en d of the Year of the Horse we have extra thrust  to clear whatever’s in the way of making  your deepest dream come true. The times, once again, are changing.   More Info

Founder of Global Exchange, Fair Trade USA and Green Festivals Dr. Kevin Danaher
Dr. Kevin Danaher is a co-founder of Global Exchange (1988), co-founder of FairTradeUSA (1997), founder and Executive Co-Producer of the Green Festivals (2001), and Founding Executive Director of Friends of SF Environment (2012). His 1985 PhD in sociology from the University of California at Santa Cruz was based on his dissertation, “The Political Economy of U.S. Policy Toward South Africa.”

263Described by The New York Times as the “Paul Revere of globalization’s woes,” Dr. Danaher’s analytical expertise, sense of humor and blunt eloquence make him an exceptionally dynamic speaker. He is the author and/or editor of 11 books, including his latest, “The Green Festival Reader: Fresh ideas from Agents of Change”“Building the Green Economy: Success Stories from the Grass Roots”. He has lectured at universities and to community organizations throughout the United States and published articles in the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, the San Francisco Chronicle, the International Herald Tribune, Harvard Educational Review, the Nation, and many others.


Indigenous Wisdom Keeper of Chickasaw/Choctaw descent Sweet Medicine Nation,

Founder of the Four Winds Community Foundation

Sweet Medicine Nation is a gifted artist, educator, singer, author and storyteller who shares her lessons with passion, kindness, eloquence, wisdom, and humor, awakening us to the sacred realities present everywhere. She lectures and conducts workshops worldwide, bridging cultural anthropology and comparative religions symbology.

She is the Founder and Executive Director of Four Winds Community Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to the education and sustainability of Native Ways within our world family.

Of Chickasaw/Choctaw descent, Sweet Medicine is honored as an Delegate for the Indigenous Congress of the Americas and is a well respected native healer. She is one of Earth Peoples United’s honored Wisdom Keepers at the annual Deer Mountain Wisdom Keeper & Youth Council.

Master Soul Level Astrologer122For more than 25 years Mark Borax has helped people  contact their core nature and life purpose.  In 2010 he originated a two-and-a-half year teaching program and certification course of Soul Level Astrology . Mark’s first book,  2012: Crossing the Bridge to the Future, describes the author’s seven-year mystical apprenticeship under the California redwoods. Mark helped Ellias and Sara Lonsdale launch a mystery school which birthed a new form of astrology called Star Genesis. Mark’s most recent book (co-authored with Ellias) is a Cosmic Weather Report inspiring readers to rethink the whole purpose of humankind and bring on a new future.


Suggested Donation $10 – $20



Dec 8, 2014Four Winds Foundation adds Community to it’s name….by Editor FourWinds

sweetpetroDear Friends of Four Winds,

As 2014 nears it’s end and we shift into the season of settling, reflecting, and restoration, we at Four Winds feel it’s the perfect time to discuss the direction in which our community is growing. We are SO excited to share this news with you!

This year saw many changes, and with those changes we were allowed the gift of alternate perspective. These visions, led by Great Spirit, were powerful enough for the Foundation to add a very important word to our name.

We, including your vital energy and participation, are now: Four Winds Community Foundation.

Adding the word “Community” to our name allows for more personal interaction, more inclusive sharing, and a greater opportunity for us to grow and walk The Red Road together. We have always been a community first and foremost, a space in which we come together to help each other on this path, and now our name is reflective of our mission.

What’s in a name? A name holds power, truth. A name sets the tone for how one moves through this life, how one tackles obstacles, how one allows for growth, and the direction in which one actively manifests their path’s progression.

“Names and attributes must be accommodated to the essence of things, and not the essence to the names, since things come first and names afterwards.” 
― Galileo Galilei

Last September we changed our mission to reflect this desire to meet our inner wish as a  “Community” since the early 90’s, when FWF was Ableza Medicine Center. We are a community. We are stronger united, cohesive, part of a whole. We have always been a community, working together, and now our name is reflective of our Truth.

Our Mission:
Four Winds Foundation (FWF) offers opportunities for people to experience conscious community and deep connection with nature and spirit through indigenous education and ceremony.

With the addition to our name, Four Winds Community Foundation’s website will be getting an update with teachings, photos, and more in-depth information. It will be a place where connection is encouraged and a place where we share in the process together.

Because of our desire to continue growing in this direction, we are beyond excited to announce that Four Winds has joined together with other communities to create an Earth Wisdom School. Four Winds will be one branch of this global classroom, and, together our communities will create a great space of learning, combining teachings and wisdom from around the world. This Earth Wisdom School is a beautiful manifestation of what has been dreamed. The time is now!

As we enter the season of hibernation, we encourage you to do the same. Let us rest and restore ourselves in preparation for a very busy and joyous 2015… What a year it will be!

We are so happy to share this news with you, and it is our dream that through our community we will be a light on The Red Road for all to see.

Please be part of our celebration!  You can do this in two ways:

One is to contribute toward helping us build a showerhouse this year. Go to our website and donate.  Each dollar will be matched dollar-for-dollar!

Another way to be involved is to share this news with others and inspire them to do the same.

We look forward to seeing you and celebrating the growth of our Four Winds Community Foundation!

With love and in community,
Sweet Medicine Nation

Dec 6, 2014Coming This Monthby Editor FourWinds

Please join us in ceremony and in sharing the

joy of the season


Snow Lodge 


December 13 – TELE TALK with Sweet Medicine – 11:30am  – 1pm

Save the Date, Plan on Joining in a Tele Talk with Sweet Medicine Nation

*****THIS LODGE HAS BEEN CHANGED TO DECEMBER 20**** December 13 – 1pm – Sweat LodgeDeer Haven

Preparations begin at 11am , Lodge at 1pm, Potluck Follows.  All are welcome.  No reservations necessary

December 20 – 4pm – Winter Solstice Pipe Ceremony – Deer Haven

Celebrate Solstice with Sweet Medicine Nation before she takes off on her  journey to Brazil and Mexico with a Pipe Ceremony, followed by a PotLuck.  All are welcome.  No reservations necessary.


Dec 6, 2014Start 2015 with a Purification Ceremonyby Editor FourWinds


 SWEAT LODGEHummingbird Hill 2pm

Join us for this special Sweat Lodge.  Yellow Robe will be pouring water.  Preparations begin at Noon.  Lodge at 2pm Followed by a Potluck.  All are welcome.  No reservations necessary.   This will be a wonderful way to start off 2015!!


Portland Sweat


Nov 3, 2014Sacred Pipe Thanksgiving with Sweet Medicine, Friday November 28, Portland, Oregonby Admin

Sacred Pipe Thanksgiving with Sweet Medicine
Friday November 28 7pm-10pm
RAMA – Rainbow Arts Medicine Alliance
3701 SE Belmont ST Portland OR 97214
(Enter via door on SE 37th ST and come UPSTAIRS)

At this time of Thanksgiving, come join in this evening of celebrating the Bounty, and rise our prayers and songs high into the heavens. Sweet Medicine will give us the teachings of the Sacred Pipe and guide us through this sacred ritual for connecting physical and spiritual worlds. “For us who walk this Red Road, it is sacred. The pipe is our prayers in physical form. We will learn this is how we Give thanks and speak our truth.”

Sweet Medicine Nation, (Chickasaw/Choctaw/Irish/French) is a gifted artist, educator, singer, storyteller who guides and initiates with passion, kindness, eloquence, wisdom, and humor, awakening us to the sacred realities present everywhere today. She has been given permission by her Elders to initiate the unfolding of the divine feminine through the House of Flowers Initiation. For over 35 years Sweet Medicine has assisted thousands of people through Rites of Passage ceremonies on 5 Continents. “I dedicated my life to joyfully rekindling the Holy on Mother Earth.”

Sliding scale offering: $25-$45

To reserve your place:

R.A.M.A. is an Alliance of Healers, Artists, Educators, and Ceremonialists. As a community, we take guidance from the organizing intelligence of Nature, inseparable from that of the heart, and are in service to the growth of regenerative, life-positive culture. R.A.M.A. is a 501c3 nonprofit, a sanctuary in the city, a healing space, a forest medicine laboratory, a song temple, a school of plant lore, an artists’ salon, a Children’s Theater, a dream incubator, and a map to find our way home.


Oct 29, 2014Sweet Medicine Nation: House of Flowers Nov 7-9, Bend, Oregonby Admin


Spaces are still available!

The Mayan prophecies foretold this shift of planetary stewardship into the hands of the Feminine. Women carry the ancient knowledge of the Divine Feminine deep within the very cells of their being. The grandmothers say, “We must be strong and walk in our innate knowledge and power.”

Invest in your sacred self. Sign up here

For a complete list of House of Flowers schedule, visit Sweet Medicine Nation’s website.

*Note, this is not a Four Winds Foundation event.

Sep 17, 2014Fall Equinox Fire Talk, Sept. 22, 2014by fourwinds

autumn2013wallpapercollection00Gather round the Virtual Fire place and welcome in the time of the Fall Equinox this season. Join the Earth Peoples United family and Elders for a sacred time of connection, prayer and reflection as we circle from around the globe.

To register free, click on the link here.

Welcome your loved ones, families and circles for this beautiful opportunity to connect with the Elders, each other, and the sacred energies and messages of this natural season of transition.

Blessings to All Our Relations!

Sep 17, 2014Earth People United, Sacred Journey Oct 9-19, Guatemalaby fourwinds

Jaguar_parchment_webLocation: Patziapa is a private sanctuary offering soul rejuvenation and connection to the ancestors on sacred land in the heart of the Mayan world. Surrounded by three volcanoes and situated on the shores of Lake Atitlan, the fertile land delights the senses and awakens a deep sense of spiritual and elemental connection

This retreat will take us into the 13 day week of 1 Ajpu- the creation story of the Maya and the journey of the hero twins as they set the destiny for humankind…   In addition to many teaching sessions on the Mayan Calendar and cosmology, we will connect to this special time through temescal ceremonies (Mayan sweatlodge), Mayan Fire Ceremonies, a pilrimage to a sacred site around Lake Atitlan and time in the gardens at the living sanctuary of Patziapa.

Click here for more information about this Guatemalan retreat.

Sep 16, 2014Men’s Retreatby fourwinds

petroglyph-long_lake_3Men’s Journey Weekend Ingredients for Seeing

Seeing the Future in the Messages of the Past

Sept 26-28, 2014

From Thursday 9pm – Sunday Late Evening

(Departure from Deer Haven Friday morning at 6:30 am)

Men are noticing their lives have become unnatural, lacking inner purpose and renewal.  Return to the sanctuary of the natural & wild self.  This weekend is to support your visions, and your deep listening and rekindling the flame of your inner soul. Re-establishing your peaceful and honored warriors selves.

In the past, the Grandfathers would pass along the ways to be a guardians of the Earth, however, this is not so today.  Come and return to the mirrors and messages of the past.   Gift yourself this empowering time with kindred spirit.  Answer the call to reawaken these ancient memories – by dreaming on the Land called Vision Valley.

“Men must be united, in claiming a common and equal right in the land, as it was and should be yet again undivided.” – Tecumseh Shawnee

Register Now!

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