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Hummingbird Hill – Portland Area

Hummingbird Hill, South of Portland (Sherwood) Sweat Lodges

21285 SW Eastview Rd, Sherwood, OR 97140

Directions From Portland – map view

Directions from I-5:
Take Tualatin-Sherwood exit and travel west toward Sherwood; make LEFT turn at intersection of Hwy 99 Tualatin-Sherwood Road and turn into the far right lane;
make RIGHT turn at the first stop light which is EDY ROAD. Travel approximately 1.7 miles and make LEFT turn on to Eastview Road. (You’ll go through one stop sign on Edy Road. Keep going straight. Right before the turn on to Eastview Road, you’ll pass a barn on the lefthand side and the road will curve to the left shortly before our street comes up.)

Our home is the third home on the right hand side. You can either park along the road in front or pull into the driveway.

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