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Jan 11, 2014Shedding our Skin in the Month of Januaryby fourwinds

5746_797386090275813_2008820190_nOur *This post is from January 2014* We’ve re-posted it here to reflect as we wind down on the Year of the Snake *

January purification ceremony at Deer Haven is coming up this Sunday! It’s a powerful month for symbolically SHEDDING our skin as we complete the year of the snake and move into the year of the horse.
January Astrology:
The theme for this month is “Get Ready, Get Set….” As we look forward to the year of the Green Horse which begins in February, we find ourselves stretched between the momentum of the power, movement and change that 2014 will bring and the inertia of the things still weighing us down from the year of the snake. It’s important to really release this month, to cast that skin off like the final motion of taking off a heavy cloak. The horse is about integrating freedom and structure, and so our sense of freedom must be bridged with the world around us, no longer hiding who we are in our social life and finding good, healthy outlets and channels for that freedom and power. We have two new moons this month: one on January 1st in the earthy element of Capricorn, perfect for planting new year seeds, and since it is what is called a “super moon” (one of five this year which are at their closest approach to earth) it gives those new seeds and intentions an extra boost! Time to let go and be renewed, refreshed, look toward the future with a deeper optimism about ourselves and what is possible for us. Full moon is in watery Cancer on January 15th and this is a good time to ensure your support system is intact since the movements of 2014 are about creating within the context of the collective. January may feel a bit unsettling for some who feeling the heaviness which still holds them back (the last of the snakeskin) and/or also for those who are ready to fly off from the metaphorical starting line before the gun goes off It is a good month for organizing and preparing, but also practicing patience and not getting ahead of ourselves. Trust the timing, focus on preparedness for the journeys (both inner and outer) that are awaiting you in the coming months. Venus goes retrograde for much of the month which could add an element of tension, and we may see the beginnings of “unexpected and unsettling personal and world changes” as well as “struggles against restrictions that can no longer be tolerated” (All part of the movement toward freedom). The second new moon occurs on January 30th in airy Aquarius, a good chance to integrate new ideas and inspirations, and also a good tie to co-operate with like-minded individuals to achieve mutual goals. At this point Venus will no longer be in retrograde, and earlier eruptions should settle down into a more tranquil atmosphere.

Happy January!!!

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