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Four Winds Foundation (FWF) offers opportunities for people to experience conscious community and deep connection with nature and spirit through indigenous education and ceremony.

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Jul 10, 2014Max Ribner Band Presents ‘Leap to Flame’ Dream Showby fourwinds

10347700_10100196187395889_1788983037463066597_nFriday, July 18th from 6pm – 10pm at Lincoln Hall in Portland, OR

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Building on the success of his two unique CD projects, Portland musician & Berklee College of Music graduate, Max Ribner is creating a first-of-its-kind live music & community event called ‘Leap to Flame.’

“Leap to Flame is intended to spark change and encourage people to discover their purpose and passion” -Max Ribner.

July 18, 2014 ~ 7 pm downbeat, doors open at 6 pm
Lincoln Hall @ Portland State University
1620 SW Park Avenue Portland, Oregon, 97201
$20 Ticket Price, $15 Students, $10 Lower Income and Children (18 and younger)

This family friendly, health oriented evening of music and encouragement will honor children, honor elders, and honor the arts. Here’s the evening’s amazing lineup:

1. Max Ribner Band – This 11 piece band offers gospel soul and jazz music deeply rooted in peace, compassion and healing. The band will surely get you dancing and offers a spiritual journey of hope and inspiration. This concert will release “Leap to Flame,” the second CD of Max Ribner Band. Featured on this album are 50 of Portland’s top musicians with names such as Bibi McGill (Beyoncè) Liv Warfield (Prince) and the soaring vocals of Saeeda Wright.


2. Youth Music Empowerment – There won’t be a dry eye in the crowd, with the inspiring originals written and performed by a choir of empowered children, ages 5 to 15. Max Ribner is the leader and mentor of this ensemble and believes children are our greatest teachers. Through improvising, songwriting and positive health, Max gives these children a sacred outlet for the arts, offering a safe haven for the children. Youth Music Empowerment encourages children to keep their faith alive and to sing it loud, letting their own personal muse shine brightly. This flame radiates not only in their musical education, but in everyday choices of loving actions. This concert will also release “Wolf Pak,” the first CD of Youth Music Empowerment.


3. Four Winds Foundation – Featured this evening, elder Sweet Medicine will provide storytelling and Native American wisdom. Throughout the night there will be traditional songs and ceremony, reminding us to carry the ancient simplicity which grounds and uplifts us to remind us who we are and what is most important in life. Sweet Medicine is the spiritual leader of Four Winds Foundation, a collective of individuals dedicated to offering ceremonies, vision quests, rights of passage for youth, sweat lodges, women and men retreats, as well as classes in primitive skills.


4. Nutritional Nourishment – Max Ribner is offering a healthy alternative through music. It is important to feel good about ourselves internally and externally so we can become more clear with who we are and what our visions are. Thus, offered at intermission will be quality Kombucha provided by Townshend’s Tea Company. Also available will be handcrafted chocolat delights provided by Kilikina’s. Each batch of chocolat is created with various combinations of organic and raw Ecuadorian cacao, superfoods, medicinal herbs, spices and essential oils.


Long Term Vision: Max’s long term vision is to take this production and travel to areas in need of healing, such as rehabilitation centers, jails and troubled youth centers. This production is the pure example to spark positive change in the world leaving a beautiful essence behind.

Jul 4, 2014All Night Peyote Healing Ceremonyby fourwinds

Chris LongChristopher Long is the Spiritual Leader and founder of The Singing Stone in Crestone, Colorado. Of Cherokee & Choctaw descent, he shares his understanding of Indigenous American Ceremonies and way of life freely with those drawn to the Red Road. Christopher learned practical skills from his Grandfather in Oklahoma from a Native American perspective as well as co-existing in a Native American community. Chris loves singing traditional Lakota songs and supports many Sun Dances and ceremonial functions throughout the Americas. He is authorized and sanctioned by Lakota Nation to perform Sweat Lodge, Vision Quest, and Yuwipi Ceremonies. He is a Pipe Carrier and Roadman of the Native American Church. The all night Peyote Ceremony and Sweat Lodge is life changing.

All Night Peyote Healing Ceremony

August 23-24

Space Limited

$125 donation

RSVP by August 18th

For more information and instructions please refer to: History of Peyote


May 7, 2014When is it best to do a Vision Quest?by fourwinds


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When is it best to go to the Mountain or Do a Vision Quest?

So, wanted to share my thoughts on this as our yearly camp is open to all is in June.

Wanted to open this to more than just for the Seeker, but as my way of sharing this walk and a way of “Be Coming Ourselves again.”

Walking this Red Road for 28 years, I have gained personal experiences and understandings which assisted people to take this next step and enter the Journey to the Mountain (Vision Quest), a walk back into their Selves.

With deep respect for others opinions and their experiences, I want to offer personally experienced and what I have learned.

Vision Quest is a very old and natural process, supported by a leader and community. It was a next step “rite of passage” for the youth, which was continuously done for hundreds of thousands of year ago.

For all, who wish to experience this deep connection, the pursuit is the same, no matter your age or timing in life. The goal is to seek the deeper knowledge and remembering of oneself remain the same.

In this quest we are all the same at the beginning, we want to know who we are, what it is we are to do with our lives, and what part we are to play on Mother Earth.

It’s not something one can do in a weekend however, unless prepared and trained over time and have the support and the witnessing that guides and continues the process.

It does in most terms require the absence of external stimuli and moments of emptiness or no thought, this meaning, time to be separating from the ordinary worlds distractions and obligations, to see something different.

So we, go to the Mountain as it is sometimes called. With practices, teachings, and training, much like someone preparing for a marathon, and with these practiced, one can enter the emptiness and establish connection to the real them.

Without this emptiness there is no access to the cosmic life-givers (guardians). The “center of the knowing” which all of us are both afraid of and are seeking to know ourselves. Or receive a vision that can guide us further.

Even if one is unable to maintain this awareness of the Unity with all things, one does continue in this realm by virtue of entering this world for healings, helpers, or spirit .

The Pledge or Seeker as we call them, must be prepared internally and externally to meet these Beings or guides who may reveal themselves as the most common or insignificant of creatures, bugs, or elements or the most powerful as a lightning storm or Bear.

Sometimes while on ones quest there are dangers, elemental happenings and doubts or fears that fill the mind and set us to question “Why are we doing this Questing?”

A Pledge must realize this is just what it says: it is this process that they have committed to; a quest to know their inner self/soul and these moments of challenge are there to Be Sure, this is what we are rely committed to.

We are “called to the Mountain” as adults these days. Where, in ancient times it was a normal passage for all children to go through, which is rare today.

The old Ones would say daytime schools would steal their souls. And connection with Nature liberated them.

In almost all cases people are in some way called to this Quest.

This was more to continue the education of my holy self that there is much more to us then this sack of bones and a brain that thinks it knows.

My teachers explained “near death experiences” are just one form of our souls crying out for deeper and more solid assurance that my spiritual link was reestablished.

Inner knowing is not a day-dream or fabricated thoughts of our imaginations. They are true encounters with a non-rational reality that each of us is a part of but have walled ourselves off from during our domestication.

So this is the biggest obstacle to overcome before going to the Mountain seeking a vision.

Fasting and teachings before the “quest” does not make us Shamans; but participants, removed from the indoctrinations. Reconnecting us to our original framework of union with our soul.

Why don’t more people go on quests? We have had it extracted from our educations and instead of truths, we have been taught to fear or mistrust these old ways. So now we have educated minds.

For most Questers, their questing is to understand what it is they are to do or be. Many leave without answers at the time. Or insights. They have no further understand or Intercessors/teachers who can help them interpret their experience or guide them further to be patient.

Some think going to the Mountain seeking a vision is like living four days in your house.

My experiences with this transcendent processes is sometimes painful or physically challenging, and in many moments emotional. This is normal, to get us out of our old thinking and trusting in what is natural.

My Grandfather teacher Bill would say that once we have entered into this side of the walk and process, it is for life. And can be entered into from them on when one needs to.

So to go to the Mountain, one must first be a called, matched by a guide, disciplines and commitment to the instructions paired by a teacher.

Pledging to quest is just as it says, a pledge to set aside all other things one wants to do focus on. It sets a process of what they must do to prepare adequately to meet our Spirit of the non reality world which is just waiting for us.

So why would we pursue this part of ourselves when it is always just trying to reveal itself to us?

This is a good question to ask. And one I suggest the Seeker and Supporters contemplate upon.

Hope you can join us this year to learn more.
Sweet Medicine

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